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Fine Art Animal Prints and Stickers by Fauna Prints

At Fauna Prints, we are passionate about creating timeless art that is as interesting as the nature it attempts to capture. Our prints are inspired by the beauty of animals and the diversity of nature, we craft them with the intent of bringing a sense of well-being into the lives of our patrons. Our name, Fauna Prints, reflects our love of the Animal Queendom and our commitment to producing artwork that celebrates the amazing diversity of its inhabitants.
To create our stunning and classy pieces, we first create a completely unique images with Leonardo ai using our own handpicked dataset that’s trained into a stable diffusion model. It can take many iterations of prompting to create one piece, but we don’t stop there. Our talented artist Will Bode of takes each piece and digitally refines them on Pixelmator Pro and Procreate to ensure a truly unique and elegant piece of art. We also take pride in the fact that our art is limited edition, producing each print for a limited time. This makes each piece exclusive and something to be cherished, adding another level of value and making it even more special.
At Fauna Prints, we want our art to speak for itself. That’s why we don’t add any tacky branding to the front of our prints. By maintaining this level of integrity, we set ourselves apart from many other online print companies. We believe the beauty of our product is branding enough.
Along with our fine art prints, we have a large selection of limited edition stickers in a variety of categories, such as Wild Animals, dog, other pets, and our Funny Animals Collection. Our stickers are a simple way to share, collect and enjoy unique block print style animal art. We are always adding in new animal stickers and fine art prints, so feel free to contact us and suggest an animal we don’t have!

At Fauna Prints, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and artwork that brings a sense of joy into their lives. To ensure that you receive only the best, each work of art and sticker is meticulously crafted and reviewed. We invite you to visit our shop and discover the perfect addition to your home decor or the ideal gift for a loved one who shares our passion for nature.

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